On 11 and 12. August 2005 took place in Mainz The first world championship for chess programs in the Chess960. Chess960, also as a Fischer Random Chess known is a variant of the classic chess in the establishment of the figures for both sides of the lot is triggered.

This results in a very large number of different starting positions, exactly 960 piece. Because of this large number of different starting positions, it is impossible to prepare a lot, it must be from the first train to play themselves and reflect. Since shredder for a short period of time was dominated chess960, the idea is not far, with Shredder at this tournament play.

The Game of the tournament conditions were very good.

It took place in the framework of the annual Chess Classics in Mainz, a events with different tournaments both in classical as well as in the Chess Chess960. Among other things there is also a competition between man and machine in the shredder in the Chess960 against the Hungarian World-class players GM Zoltan Almasi has played.

Also for the strongest player in the world, it is now very difficult to counter the best computer programs. In Mainz that rapid chess is played, made things even more difficult.

Almasi has in the first match is shown that the programs not yet properly some positions can understand, finally there was however a clear 2-0 victory for the shredder. Motivated by this result, I was full of good hope for the game against the other machines. Shredder was seen as the big favorite, even if it is under the 19 participants very many good programs and it gave in only 7 laps heavy, a slip of the tongue still auszubugeln.

Shredder started very well and won the first two rounds clearly against Nexus from Germany and ant from Belgium.

In the third round there was however a surprising defeat against spike, a relatively new German program which against Shredder a very nice game played. In the fourth round could shredder but then again against Jonny, also from Germany win so that shredder at the end of the first day with 3 points still promising behind studded with 4 points lag.

The second day started well with a very nice victory against the French program, but after Pharaon Shredder in round 6 against the Baron from the Netherlands had lost, I could put my hopes on a victory forgotten. Since then also helped a victory in the final round against Deep Sjeng from Belgium

on the picture is GM Aronian to recognize the very start occupied, parallel covered open in chess960 sovereign has won. He showed a great deal of interest in our computer chess and gave us always program again very helpful insights into the secrets of the position on the board.

The computer tournament was held in studded with 5.5 points a deserved winner was equal to the second point, Jonny. Shredder was fourth, with 5 points behind glaurung from Norway also with 5 points.

It has very great fun with shredder at this first world championship in Play Chess960. The tournament was perfectly organized, the players and the audience was very much. The games were all broadcast live on the Internet, but also the numerous spectators could represent the lots on large screens.

Chess960 is a very interesting alternative to the classic chess. From the first train to you in on themselves and can not be on its domestic preparation or on the famous opening theory. The trick is to put that the opponent also can do. For the next year is already planned a new edition of the tournament, I am looking forward to with shredder then again in Mainz on title to go hunting.

If you Chess960 you would like to try for yourself, you can use a free test version of Shredder Classic download for Windows, which among other things also can play chess960.