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Chess Tips

The game of chess – the value of the Stones
Important Tips for a game of chess

is a chess game to play, you need no continuations to memorize. If you take a few opening principles of notice, you quite well on the round, even against experienced nere opponents. Remember that these tips for white and black as well as apply!

Think about each and every train exactly, you have plenty of time to do it! Search and note the threats of your opponent! Pull carefully, also in the most primitive of the train! Think first – then drag! Make a plan! And other it not!

Who is the center of the fields (D4, D4, D5 and E5), has often dominated the game of his opponent in the handle.
White begins to appropriately with the double step of a bauerns after E4 or D4, black responds with the double step whose counterpart.
Be sparing with other trains your farmers!

Develop your „light figures“ (Springer and rotor) in a single train on a good field! These are e.g. for white: for the Springer f3 and C3 for the rotor c4, B5, f4 and G5. Check beforehand if the selected field is threatened!

Your figures to the center and the weak points of your opponent act!

Pay attention to the fields F2 or f7! You are only at the beginning of the king is protected and can be easily attacked by two figures. Then threatens Matt!
Therefore Rochiere as soon as possible! The fastest way to book is on the Royal side (short castle).
Let the farmers before the castle position! You must have the king to protect against an attack!

Go not with the same figure twice! The loss was a „Tempo“ mean. „Tempo“ are very important in the opening. Who was developed, has advantages.
Let your lady behind the farmers! Before it can easily be threatened and lost!

Connect your towers as soon as possible! Set it to free lines, there are you from afar strong.
Set thy stones so that they protect each other!

If you find no continuation, set your worst developed figure on a better field!
Gripping not prematurely on! During retraction , you lose light materials, and you give your opponent the opportunity to counter attack.
If you have a character on a field will, where you can be beaten, need to be protected as often as you is threatened. You can use the easy pay off!
Drag your Springer as far as possible not to the edge!